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Choosing Sources: A Basic Guide for Young Writers

This guide is a simple, fun, pared-down information sheet (double sided) containing information on choosing sources, identifying bias, fact checking, and more.

Choosing Sources: A Basic Guide for Young Writers

Defending Technologies in Your Library

I prepared this session for the Alberta Netspeed conference 2018:

Defending Technologies in Your Library: Allocate! Advocate! Illuminate! Demonstrate!

Description: Inspired by recent events at our own library in which some patrons have been challenging the additions of new technologies (especially those for children), this presentation aims to share practical ways in which libraries can defend their choice of tech to patrons, coworkers, management, investors, and the public in general, obliterating the simplified and outdated concept of libraries that prevails in the consciousness of many even today. Featuring engaging and humorous illustrations to accompany each concept, this presentation will be impassioned, fun, and full of viable ideas for any library. Allocate! Advocate! Illuminate! Demonstrate!

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Fighting Fake News


After participating in a Poynter webinar about fact-checking and verifying fake news, I’ve been noticing more and more of it popping up on my social media.

I’ve compiled a list of some tips and some of the fact checking resources and tools mentioned in the webinar, as well as some others I’ve found, to share with staff at my library.

Fake News is Here: What Can We Do?

And here is the YouTube version:

Happy fact checking!

Manga In Libraries

I created this video presentation for my LIS 518 seminar. It covers some basic history and information about Japanese manga, and some ways that manga specifically pertains to library work.

There’s a Graphic Novel for Everyone! (Yes, even YOU!)


Check out my presentation from the 2018 Alberta Library Conference!

There’s a Graphic Novel for Everyone (Yes, Even YOU!)

I’m updating the Toolshed page regularly with variations and extensions of the original project, as I’ve been asked to present it to a variety of audiences.

Description: Explore how the Graphic Novel is an often-misunderstood yet extremely versatile format that facilitates uniquely stirring forms of expression. Explore a variety of Graphic Novels to suit any age and interest.

Abstract: Discover the many different faces of this versatile and often overlooked storytelling format. Participants will learn about different genres of Graphic Novels for all ages, including literary, biographical, non-fiction, historical, award-winners, LGBTQ, manga, and more. Examples will be examined with suggestions for school librarians & teachers, reluctant readers, and those who seek out a sophisticated read. Examine an excerpt from a Graphic Novel that might challenge you conceptions of the format.

Learning Objectives: Give fresh consideration to Graphic Novels and their broad appeal for library patrons, students, and people of all ages and interests Discover different genres of graphic novels and consider the classification of Graphic Novel as a format vs. a genre Examine a Graphic Novel excerpt more in-depth and challenge potential preconceptions about the format

What’s With Weeding?! Why we weed at the library.

This humorous presentation goes over the basics of weeding and why it’s an integral process for libraries.

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